This is where the event starts, so be prepared for anything and everything!

When I started triathlon, all I had was run gear. With a wife and two young kids, I needed to streamline my purchases and budget carefully.

Below is a mix of current kit as well as what I used to get me started.

wetsuitHUUB Aegis III 3:5 Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit
Great feel without being restrictive. Perfect for races. I like the sleeveless, even in colder temps, so that the arms can rotate easily.
lava shortsXterra Wetsuits Lava Pants
Great for training or short, wetsuit legal tris when the water is a little warm!
ponchoXTERRA Changing Poncho
Love this after cold swims on a cold day!! Put it on to warm up or just to change under when in public.
matXTERRA Wetsuit Changing Mat
Keeps the wetsuit protected and off the ground as you change. Also ties up and becomes a dry bag so you can haul the wetsuit after a swim.
Garmin 945Garmin Forerunner 945
Serves as my all-around tri watch.
gogglesFINIS Circuit Goggle
Very comfy and trusted goggles for race day.
paddlesFINIS Freestyler Hand Paddles
For dialing in my swim stroke, which looks like a runner’s stroke.
snorkelFINIS Original Swimmers Snorkel
So I can work on form.
buoyTYR Pull Bouy floatXTERRA Wetsuits Xterra High-Vis Swim Buoy
For swimming safe in open water when you’re alone. Also has a dry pocket for storing your wallet or keys.